Ramelow’s immunity to be waived

Et was an exchange of words with consequences that took place in the Thuringian state parliament in Erfurt in mid-July. Now the public prosecutor’s office in Erfurt has the waiver of immunity on charges of insult Bodo Ramelow applied for at the Thuringian state parliament. Previously, the AfD MP Stefan Möller had filed a criminal complaint against the Prime Minister and politician of the left. In a heated debate about the future storage and access to the scientific research of the files of the right-wing extremist group “National Socialist Underground” (NSU), which came from Thuringia and murdered ten people, in which there was also a possible observation of the AfD by the constitution protection went, Möller had again accused the left of “links to the violent left-wing extremist milieu” and alluded to Ramelow’s earlier observation by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

Stefan Locke

Correspondent for Saxony and Thuringia based in Dresden.

Ramelow, from the NSU perpetrators Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt had been personally threatened, had then lost his composure and showed Möller from the government bank the middle finger and called him a “disgusting bastard”. Shortly afterwards, Ramelow repeated his words in front of the cameras outside the plenary chamber and confirmed that although they were true in terms of content, he should not have expressed them in parliament, since something like that was not supposed to be there. Ramelow told the FAZ on Wednesday that this was “behavior that was not excusable” and an “unacceptable choice of words”. Although he was particularly sensitive to this issue. “But it would not have belonged in this place of the Prime Minister, regardless of what was going on inside me.”

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His lawyer is Gregor Gysi

He was “not outside or above the law”, which is why he asked the members of the immunity committee in the state parliament to grant the public prosecutor’s request. The chairman of the committee is again Möller himself. The AfD deputy told the FAZ that he stood by his comment in the state parliament debate and was still waiting in vain for Ramelow’s apology. He only reported facts in the debate, including that Ramelow dated Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution has been observed. In fact, in 2013 the Federal Constitutional Court banned the surveillance of Ramelow by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The left-wing politician was not suspected of any anti-democratic endeavors, judged the judges.

Ramelow himself, in turn, lets the lawyer and member of the Bundestag of the Left, Gregor Gysi, represented. Should the prosecution’s investigation lead to an indictment, the proceedings could fall in the middle of the election campaign. On April 25th there will be new elections in Thuringia, in which Ramelow, who is again running as the top candidate of the left, wants to become Prime Minister again. Proceedings against him are therefore not without risk. It should cause a sensation among its supporters, but it could also scare off those middle-class voters who Ramelow has been able to win over so far.

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