Rambouillet hospital: the fed up of the staff is expressed on the forecourt of the hospital

In front of the Rambouillet hospital (Yvelines), the CGT gave the floor to a suffering staff. (©78actu)

Agnès returned her blouse after 33 years of service to thehospital of Rambouillet (Yvelines). At 57, she says: “Before doing my job badly, I preferred to step back. Yet I cherished this job until I burned out, ”confides the ex-nurse in front of her colleagues. About fifty of them were gathered at the call of the CGT, from stretcher bearers to cardiology staff, this Tuesday, May 24.

“In the end, I didn’t even have time to ask the patients if they were okay. I worked up to 12 hours with hospital beds that were lacking, ”explains the one who was still working in intensive care in Rambouillet a few weeks ago. “Things have evolved at the technical level but it is additional performance that is required. »

Agnès, nurse who returned her gown

Not enough to do the toilet

Catherine and her cardiology colleague expressed their fed up: “Before, I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than this job, but now I’m disgusted. There aren’t enough of us for cardiology patient washrooms. So, we give breakfast but there won’t be any toilets this weekend because not enough agents! They spoke about their daily life and the lack of means: “We had to bring up a person who weighed 155 kilos. We had to ask for help from paramedics because we couldn’t do it alone”.

Categories C, workers, forgotten

Another agent spoke on behalf of the C categories: “The workers. We did not benefit from increased overtime as in other hospitals. From the first hour completed, the amount is doubled. It is contempt! 150 people are affected,” he said.

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Céline Sperte, of the CGT, wanted to reveal this discomfort of the staff: “When we go through the services, there is suffering due to the overload and the lack of work. In the cardiology department, there are two of them to do 20 toilets. This is no longer possible ! We are not compulsive. We want our overtime to be paid with the increase as provided for in the decree, without having to beg. We want a real plan to eliminate precarious so-called contractual jobs. The recruitment of staff in hospitals and nursing homes will improve working conditions and patient care”.

Chaos this summer?

The CGT sent its requests back to the ARS and submitted an “alarming” inventory to the President of the Senate, Gérard Larcher and the mayor of Rambouillet, Véronique Matillon.

For its part, the hospital collective through the voice of Michel Espinat denounced a national policy:

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“There is a risk of a disruption in access to care and emergency physician Patrick Pelloux predicts chaos this summer. Services like the Versailles emergency room are in great difficulty with temporary closures. It is the results of the decisions of our governments that lead to privatization.”

Michel Espinat of the South Yvelines Health Collective

Privatization in progress

“Here, in Rambouillet, privatization takes the form of the future creation of a shared imaging platform. You have to understand a private center that will be in competition with the public hospital. We are told we cannot do otherwise. Whether ! By offering state-of-the-art equipment to retain our radiologists and technicians! »

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A petition for a public health center

Another local problem is the lack of doctors in town. “Our petition for the creation of a public health center has met with great success with more than 500 signatures. At the same time, in the South, large private groups are recruiting generously paid general practitioners for a targeted audience”.

Everyone is ringing the alarm bell.

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