Raja coach: The loss from Zamalek is unfair … and we suffer from absences

Raja’s coach, Jamal Salami, expressed his anger at the Cameroonian Alliant, the referee of facing Zamalek, in the first leg of the CAF Champions League semi-finals, and Zamalek defeated Raja at Mohammed V Stadium with a clean goal scored by Moroccan Ashraf Bencharki in the first half, to put Zamalek ahead in the final match For the African Champions League competition.

He said: “I am proud of the players’ performance, despite the loss with a clean goal. The players did not fall short, but we suffer from many absences due to the rate of injuries, as well as leaving some players in the team’s ranks, and the result is absolutely unfair. We deserved a draw at the very least, the referee was not fair and we were denied a kick.” penalty”.

And Jamal Salami continued: “We were suffering from the pressure of big matches in the Moroccan League, and we were under severe stress, the players played a good match, they were mentally present, and we missed the final touch in front of the goal, there was no focus, and therefore we did not score.”

Raja coach continued: “We do not have many players. Only 11 players were present on the field, and 4 substitute players were the ones who participated in the match.”

He added: “The referee’s decisions affected us. He ignored the award of a penalty kick, which contributed to changing the course of the match. We did not understand what is happening on the part of the refereeing team. There are clear hand touches against Zamalek players in the penalty area.

He continued: “It is assumed that the referee has a high level, but his side is right, and so are the referees of the VAR room. We deserved at least one penalty kick, meaning us a goal. We have a next match, we played the best games in the second half against Zamalek, we still have a chance. In the second leg, there are another 90 minutes in Cairo. We believe in our complete chances and our ability to win the return. “


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