“Raiola must be boycotted if Gigio does not renew”

Massimiliano Mirabelli, former AC Milan manager, was interviewed by the Libero newspaper, and answered various questions including the one on Gianluigi Donnarumma’s contract renewal. Mirabelli said: “I don’t understand how Milan came to this situation. Times are wrong, it is absurd to deal now. The contract was renewed two seasons ago, it is the ABC of football. The Rossoneri have made a serious mistake. When I had Gigio renewed, I took care of the negotiation down to the smallest detail. The doorman published posts on social media and shortly after they were removed. Because? Simple, Mino Raiola made him write them, I made him delete them. The decisive moment of the negotiation was the final act. We were with Gigio, his family and his agents. Raiola gets up and says: ‘Don’t sign, we’re leaving’. As soon as the managers leave, Gigio takes the ballpoint pen and extends the contract. Without the presence of Mino ”.

And now how to resolve the matter?

“Raiola was good, he has already won coming to this situation. He has the knife on the side of the handle, but if I were at Milan I would put his back against the wall. I would give him a nice little speech, telling him that Gigio is an untouchable capital. Either he renews or Milan will no longer have Mino Raiola’s players in the squad. It takes courage, but in this situation it is the only way. And Milan must be respected ”.

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