Rainy Season, Dengue Fever Threatens

COUNTRY Entering the rainy season, the public is asked to be more aware of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). Because even though in 2021 there will be a decrease in dengue cases compared to last year, the potential for dengue cases will still occur because the rainy season will still occur in the next few months.

The Head of the Jembrana Health Service, I Gusti Bagus Ketut Oka Parwata, explained that every year the peak of cases was different. In 2021, the peak of dengue cases occurred in January to 27 cases. From July to August only 2 cases. “This September, until today there are no cases of DHF,” explained Parwata, Wednesday (15/9).

DHF is an environment-based disease, prevention efforts start from the community by keeping the environment clean. Among them by carrying out 3 M activities on a regular basis, namely draining, closing, and burying places that hold water, so as to prevent mosquitoes from growing.

In addition, his party has held routine fogging or fumigation every day. Not only in areas where dengue cases have occurred, but also red zone areas or areas where cases of dengue have occurred before. This fumigation activity is only to kill adult mosquitoes, while for prevention it is necessary to do 3 M. “We remain in the red zone to conduct fogging, which there are many cases. Also by promoting clean Friday. Simultaneous movement to eradicate mosquito nests,” he said.



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