Rainbow French Nails: The nail trend for fall 2021

Updated: 03.09.2021 – 20:17

Colorful nails
But with color, please: Rainbow French Nails

Foto: Getty Images / Yuliya Ufimtseva

Bring a good mood into autumn with the nail trend Rainbow French Nails.

Rainbow French Nails will put you in a good mood in autumn 2021. The manicure classic is given a new coat of paint with strong, mixed colors. We show you how you can easily imitate the nail trend yourself at home.

Sometimes women just need a little color in life – especially when the weather outside gets wet and gray. Rainbow French Nails bring a good mood in autumn 2021 to your hands. The nail trend can easily be done at home with a little trick. This saves you going to the nail salon and creates a unique look with a wow factor.

Rainbow French Nails: An overview of the nail trend

Fashionistas’ nails were already sparkling in strong, bright colors in summer. Our columnist Renate Zott is also a big fan of colorful manicures. “The colorful nails can look stylish and mature,” she wrote about the rainbow nails at the time. The colorful play of colors has now been given an elegant update with the classic French Nails.

With this variant, only the nail tips shine in bright colors and the rest of the nail shimmers through under a clear varnish. French nails weren’t exactly fashionable in recent years, but like so much from the 90s, idiosyncratic manicures are currently making a comeback. Stars like Kylie Jenner present the 90s look in a colorful design on their social media accounts and thus set trends for the coming seasons.

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