Rain of new Twitter features in 2021

Episode 567:
2021 will be the year of all changes for Twitter!
In any case, it must. The platform’s shareholders have been patient for several years now and now they want money!

To reassure, Jack Doresy put the small dishes in the big ones and made a bunch of announcements.
Business level: Twitter promises annual growth of 20% over three years to reach 315 million subscribers. Twitter has also promised that it will double its turnover in 2023.

Functional side and there too, a lot of new things.

Communities: Twitter Groups

Communities is a feature similar to that of Facebook groups that will allow Twitter users to come together based on their interests.

“We are working to create a product experience that makes it easier for people to learn, discover and participate in more focused conversations.”

Twitter product manager Kayvon Beykpour says communities would also be able to set and enforce their own rules “beyond our terms of service.”

Inspired by Facebook groups, Twitter is launching its new feature: “communities”

We know it is an important trend in social media in recent years, audiences drift on private parts of platforms and in smaller committees.
Twitter is no exception to this trend.

Like on Facebook, you can create groups around specific subjects or areas of common interest.

We saw, a short week ago, what it would look like:

It is once again the researcher Jane Manchun Wong who, thanks to her reverse engineering talents, discovered all this!

Classic preview with a cover photo, community name, description, number of members and join button!

Then you have a tab with the flow of tweets posted by members and an “about” tab.

And there, it is very interesting because we better understand the ways in which these groups will be protected.

In the example we have seen, only members of the group can tweet and reply to a tweet.
However, everyone could see the tweets, like them, quote them or share them.

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So it’s not really a private group but you have to be part of it to be able to interact with it.

Then if you are part of certain groups, when you will publish a tweet you will then have the choice with a small drop-down menu of where you want to post it. “For everyone” so on classic Twitter, or in a group of which you are part.

In the end, we find the principle of ClubHouse, which for me underscores a strong trend on social platforms.
It’s official, we no longer seek the maximum visibility but rather the quality of the links we create.

This is the perfect example! We will give access to more things to certain paying users, and therefore create a stronger, more pronounced link with them. Rather than focusing your efforts on as many people as possible!

Confirmation also that we are going from one to many to one to few.

Super Follow : Twitter s’inspire de Patreon

To follow creators and gain access to exclusive content in exchange for a monthly subscription.

Twitter wants to allow creators to offer their followers to become super followers.

For a monthly subscription, they would have access to exclusive content: badge, newsletter, promotions, discussion with the community, etc. Like Facebook and YouTube a while ago, Twitter is inspired here by Patreon to allow established users to be paid directly by consumers. Twitter could charge a commission to increase its revenue.


We talked about it in a Youpi it’s Monday, Twitter is in the process of making major changes to TweetDeck.

It is now believed that this application will become the business manager of Twitter.

The redesign will be as much in the visual part as in its functionalities.

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And at the same time Twitter is looking to develop a form of subscription on its platform.

Content creators should be able to offer a subscription of $ 4.99 per month.

The people who will take out this subscription will therefore have access to exclusive content such as newsletters, for example …

It’s a new way for the platform to also generate revenue and be less dependent on ad revenue.

He’s a little bit of a Twitch inspiration with this type of subscription and his privileged followers.


We didn’t talk about it, newsletters are a novelty now integrated into Twitter.

If in the menu you go to more, you will see a newsletter button.

You will then be able to create a free newsletter thanks to review:


You can therefore write and schedule newsletters, embed tweets inside, import lists of e-mail addresses, analyze the engagement around each newsletter and earn money by offering a subscription to your readers.

This is how Twitter sells this feature.

Spaces: ClubHouse’s competitor in Twitter sauce

The feature, launched in private beta last December, initially accessible to a limited number of users, this limit is being relaxed and Spaces will be accessible to all.

With Spaces, Twitter promises to compete in earnest with Clubhouse, which just recently surpassed 10 million downloads on the App Store.

Twitter recently said the company is considering creating a way to natively record audio conversations in Spaces.

As of December 2020 Twitter launched a beta version of Spaces for iOS users.

While Clubhouse has not yet arrived on Android, Twitter has already launched its beta version on Android in March.

From what I could see this is really a copy paste of ClubHouse.

But Twitter is moving fast and is developing its desktop version.

The desktop version looks a lot like the one on a smartphone, but suddenly with a few more advantages.

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We saw a lot of people sometimes struggling to be able to stream on Clubhouse, if you have access to Spaces from a computer that should make things easier!

And we immediately imagine many more possibilities in any case …


Business account: Twitter is inspired by Instagram

Twitter has announced the launch of corporate accounts in 2021.

It’s a feature that looks a lot like what Instagram offers. Twitter business profiles are very similar to personal profiles with a few subtleties.

The type of business is indicated (business, restaurant), as well as contact information, indications of opening hours, the address of the establishment and a button for easy access.

Twitter specifies that “each type of account will have different attributes and functions.” Twitter accounts currently maintained by companies may be easily converted to corporate accounts.


New in Fleets

Launched at the end of 2020, fleets continue to develop.

“Sometimes 280 characters are not enough and the voice gives people another way to participate in the conversation”

Twitter has just announced the launch of stickers in fleets.

For the moment the stickers are only the dressing no logic of interaction like on Facebook or Instagram.

a collection of animated stickers and emoji created by Twitter. And if you search for something in the search bar at the top of the screen, Twitter will show GIFs from Tenor and GIPHY which belongs to…. Facebook.

. . .

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