Rain of money for the Vivarium in Darmstadt

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The zoo in Darmstadt receives numerous donations in the Corona crisis. Stadtkämmerer Schellenberg now thanks the citizens for their willingness to donate.

The Darmstadt Vivarium Zoo, which was completely closed from mid-March to early May due to the Covid 19 pandemic and has only partially reopened since then, received a lot of support during the crisis. Darmstadt’s treasurer Andre Schellenberg (CDU) reported on Monday. “I would like to expressly thank the citizens for the great willingness to donate and the high number of new animal sponsorships,” he said.

Around 43,000 euros were raised for the Vivarium. Almost 9,100 euros were collected through the Sparkasse’s donation portal. In addition, new animal sponsorships with a total value of around 15,000 euros were concluded. The zoo received 7,850 euros in direct donations. The members of Kaupiana, the association of friends and sponsors of the school vivarium, donated almost 11,400 euros. “During the pandemic, it was important to us to help protect the animals in the short term. The willingness to receive support from our members was overwhelming, ”said Jürgen Thomas, the chairman of Kaupiana. His association has been helping the Vivarium for almost 60 years.

With the donations, the Vivarium was able to cover a considerable part of its costs for animal feed, veterinary treatments, staff, electricity, water and heat. This shows how closely people are connected to the Darmstadt Zoo, said Schellenberg.

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