Rain is expected in many places on Sunday, thunder and hail are also possible in some places – Apollo.lv

In the middle of the day in Kurzeme, in the afternoon in the central part of the country and in the evening also in the eastern regions, the sky will be clear.

Starting from the west of the country, northwest and west winds will turn. The wind speed in gusts will reach 9-14 meters per second, on the coast expected gusts of up to 19 meters per second.

The maximum air temperature will be +4 .. + 10 degrees.

Rain is expected in Riga, the sun will shine in the afternoon. The south-westerly wind will turn into a north-westerly wind, in the evening a gust of west wind up to 18 meters per second is expected by the sea. The air will warm up to +8 degrees.

The weather is determined by the cyclone in Finland. From the west, Latvia is crossed by a cold atmosphere front. Air pressure at sea level 749-754 millimeters of mercury or 999-1005 hectopascals.


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