Raimonds Pauls openly about his wife: She feels bad

Composer Raimonds Pauls reveals the current state of his wife Lana in Inta Mengisha’s “6 News in the Composer’s Life”.

A few months ago, it became known that Paul’s wife had surgery. Asked how Lana feels right now, Paul finds it bad.

“She’s still tormented with her leg … Don’t go the way we need to, don’t go! But what should she do? I don’t feel very well myself,” says Maestro.

He adds that doctors prescribe a lot of medicine, but that’s all.

But Paul doesn’t hang his nose, saying that somehow you have to continue to live, to move forward.

We previously reported that the Private Life edition had become aware that Ms. Paul had a leg operation on Lana and the unrest and great stir that was raised in the media is unfounded.

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