Raid against fraudsters in the Rhine-Main area –

A gang rents expensive cars and then sells them on the internet. The Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office has now put an end to these criminals.

In a major raid in Frankfurt, Hanau, Offenbach, Nuremberg and in the Augsburg district, apartments were searched and suspects were arrested.

Damage: more than 400,000 euros

The 17 to 29 year old suspects are members of a larger family clan. In the past year alone, the nine-member gang is said to have rented luxury car bodies with forged ID cards and then sold them on the Internet – with forged vehicle documents. The damage: more than 400,000 euros.

“In order to cover it up, the accused are said to have changed the appearance of some of the vehicles, falsified registration certificates and affixed registration plates for other vehicles or stolen vehicle license plates,” said the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

140 officers involved in raid

Access had been prepared for months. 140 officers and six cash-tracking dogs were used in the raid. In addition to cell phones, computers and forged documents, large amounts of cash were also seized. Two suspects are now on remand.



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