Raid after corona vaccination scandal in Wemding: apartments searched – SWR Aktuell

The police also searched the apartments of suspects in the region on Thursday because of allegedly false vaccination certificates. A Wemdinger family doctor is said to have issued them.

During the large-scale raid, the apartments of around 100 people in southern Germany were searched early Thursday morning, including in the Donau-Ries, Dillingen, Günzburg, Biberach and Ostalb districts. According to the police, there were also searches of apartments in Stuttgart, Mannheim, Rastatt and Ravensburg.

Police raid: Smartphones and vaccination cards confiscated

The searches in connection with fake vaccination certificates and fake vaccinations by a doctor in Wemding (Donau-Ries district) were led by the Dillingen criminal police. She has formed her own investigative team to investigate what is happening in the doctor’s office. Smartphones and vaccination cards were confiscated during the raid. The first results of the searches are expected on Thursday.

Police also took blood to determine vaccination status

According to the police headquarters in Swabia North, more than 200 officers were involved in the raid. They also took blood from people to see if they were vaccinated or not. Almost everyone was cooperative, police said.

Wemdinger doctor is said to have cheated with two stitches in vaccinations

The police are currently assuming two scams by the doctor who was then practicing in Wemding: On the one hand, he is said to have faked a vaccination to those who wanted to be vaccinated by only pretending to vaccinate them. The patients assumed that they had received a corona vaccination.


On the other hand, people from far and wide deliberately went to this doctor to get vaccination certificates without being vaccinated. The current raid is against these people. They are being investigated for, among other things, aiding and abetting the issuing of incorrect health certificates. There are also violations of the Infection Protection Act. The doctor is now banned from practicing his profession, and at the time he did not comment on the allegations. His practice was taken over by another doctor.

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