Rai license fee, how to pay it with your pension: 2022 charging rules

The direct debit on the pension is a possibility offered by INPS for the payment of the Rai license fee. Here’s how to apply.

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Rai 2022 fee charged on the pension. An eventuality that is anything but to be excluded for next year, when the hated tax on the television service will return on time and even rumored in the form of a postal bulletin. At the moment, in fact, the payment of the fee appears on the electricity bill, strictly connected to the provision of the energy supply service (without which, effectively, the television could not be used). Something could therefore change in the very short term, even if it will not change the essential framework of the Rai Fee.

Bimonthly payments of 18 euros, for a total of 90 euros per year. This will not change, net of some possible trend reversal on payment methods. Direct debit on your pension could be one of them, with some minor variations from the standards. In this case, in fact, it would be eleven months and to use it a specific request to INPS will be required.

Rai fee, direct debit on the pension: how it works

For those who receive a pension, the INPS provides a different service than the ordinary payment of the Rai license fee. An option that, however, is not available to everyone. In fact, you can request it only a pensioner who receives an annual income of less than 18,000 euros. Income which, of course, must be referred to the previous year. The request must be sent to INPS strictly by 15 November of the year preceding the one to which the fee refers. Those who wish, therefore, will be able to provide by November 15 of the current year, with reference to the 2022 tax.

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The application can be sent via the INPS Contact Center, to the number 803 164, free of charge from the fixed network, or to 06 164 164 from the mobile network. It is possible, of course, to enter your Inps profile via Spid and proceed with submitting the application via the online service. Furthermore, the patronage bodies will also be able to forward the application through the telematic services offered. Furthermore, the pension will directly provide for the deductions, starting from the month of January following the submission of the request.


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