Ragheb Alama: “In Lebanon, we are subjected to overt robbery and exploitation of Corona”

12:00 PM

Saturday 04 April 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

The Lebanese artist Ragheb Alama said that the Lebanese people are exposed to theft of their money in public by criminals.

Alama wrote, via his Twitter account, saying: “We, the Lebanese people, are being subjected to a legalization process to steal our money openly and seriously at the hands of criminals and thieves, who took advantage of the power and the Corona epidemic to pass this deal, by using some television programs to record some shy protests of some guests and silence 60% of Small account holders and stealing half of the people’s money. “

It is reported that Khaled, son of the artist Ragheb Alama, recently escaped from a traffic accident, while he was driving while on his car on the Dbayeh – Beirut road in Lebanon, when another car hit him from behind.


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