Raft with chair, parasol, filled biscuits and water washes ashore on Schiermonnikoog | Inland

A tractor tire was floating in the sea with a wooden pallet, a chair, a parasol and a plastic storage box on it. Inside were filled cakes and cartons of water. The ‘thing’ eventually washed ashore between posts 5 and 6.

A report was made to the police from the Sea Traffic Post on Schiermonnikoog. Due to the possibility of a drowning person, the KNRM and the Coast Guard were also informed. Because there were no further leads, a search was not carried out.


On Sunday afternoon, the police found the owner, who comes from the shore, via tips. The man had wanted to sail the raft from Moddergat to Lauwersoog on Saturday evening, but had reservations shortly after his departure and left the colossus behind on the mudflats.

The raft was then carried with the current towards the tidal inlet between Ameland and Schiermonnikoog, according to the police, to drift eastwards on the North Sea.

For the man, whose whereabouts are not mentioned, the action remains without consequences for the time being. The raft now falls under the management of the beach finder, Mayor Ineke van Gent.


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