Radrizzani comes out in the open: “Offer formulated for Salernitana, but Lotito does not respond”

Andrea Radrizzani, owner of Leeds, could land in Italy and take the reins of Salernitana. If only Claudio Lotito and Claudio Mezzaroma responded to his proposals … The founder of Eleven Sports came out, confirming to the microphones of de The city to have made an offer for the Campania club. Below is an excerpt from the interview taken from the columns of Tuttosalernitana.com.

But was the negotiation really started with Lotito and Mezzaroma?
“Of course. We formulated our offer, defined in every detail, on Wednesday. Underlining that it is valid for ten days”.

What happened then?
“On Thursday morning and subsequently there were meetings between the consultants representing Salernitana and those of Radrizzani. But no answer has come”.

Problems with numbers?
“Lotito, whom I personally know and respect, will certainly be taken in these hours by the need to decide and we understand that it is not easy. But it is right that Salerno and the Salernitana fans know that we have formulated an offer that we consider appropriate”.

Are you sure?
“Certainly in consideration of the fact that the company to be purchased does not have property owned and the members have a certain value, not high, on the market even if, and it is fair to say, they have won the promotion to Serie A with great merit. the same grenade company has made us aware of the fact that the total amount of the players’ salaries, relative to those who have an existing contract, does not exceed eight million euros. A low figure that guarantees the goodness of the management of Lotito “.



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