Radiography of the social mass of FC Barcelona


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How many partners have the right to vote in the elections of FC Barcelona? How many are men and women? What is the age group with the most representation? A Barça universe that we analyze in detail. 110,290 members decide the future of the club for the next six years.

Know the census, of vital importance in electoral terms

On June 30, 2020, FC_Barcelona had 140,175 members. A figure that increased slightly, to 140,798, the day the club closed the electoral roll. From that census, a total of 110,290 members have the right to vote in this Sunday’s elections. Of which 93% are in Catalonia.

One of the aspects that most attracts the attention of the social radiography of FC_Barcelona is its average age. More than half of the members called to vote are over 50 years of age, specifically about 61,000.

Therefore, it is easy to deduce that we are facing a rather conservative social group (8,368 are over 80 years old), hence those analysts who claim that loyalty to that segment of the vote can be a guarantee of success at the polls are right.

The database of the partners is of vital importance for the candidates because they can extrapolate a key information electorally speaking. Therefore, it is nothing trivial. For example, they can decide where to put all the meat on the grill and allocate more resources, such as campaign events or static advertising. A sample button is that in Catalonia there are 130,209 members and in the rest of Spain and abroad, 10,000.In these elections where voting by mail has been established for the first time, members living outside of Spain have been excluded.

FC Barcelona social mass


The city of Barcelona is key

It is also very revealing that only in the province of Barcelona 82% of the members with the right to vote congregate, 116,469 specifically. In the province of Girona they exceed 6,000, in that of Tarragona there are close to 5,000 and in the province of Lleida almost 2,500 members. The graphs do not reflect in which neighborhoods of Barcelona more Barça members live, but there is a notion very approximate of what Only in Les Corts can about 11,000 vote, being the most crowded area by square meters. The second neighborhood with the most partners is the Eixample.

Fortunately, the mantra ‘football is a man’s thing’ is already an expression that is part of the past. The presence of women in the Barcelona environment is common. Also in the life of the club since 26.74% are members, about 37,500. A figure that some will say is insufficient to achieve parity and others will affirm that it is a great example of how little by little the distances between men and women are closing.

In this section there is a really curious fact, as the age ranges where the number of members is higher are those from 6 to 10 years old (3,271 members) and those from 11 to 15 years old (3,062), which means that there are many girls who are already growing up with that Barça feeling.

In fact, One of the great satisfactions of the club is the robustness of the categories that FC_Barcelona calls Alevín and Infantil. It is true that they do not have the right to vote and, therefore, neither Laporta, Font and Freixa they have to be earned in the short term, but in the near future. The fry range from the first day of life to six years old and the infant ones, from 6 to fourteen years old. There are 7,628 members of the former and 18,019 of the latter.

Distribution of the social mass of FC Barcelona


New scenario

These elections, for obvious reasons, are being completely different from all the previous ones. The candidates have had to adapt to the mobility restrictions that have been in force at all times (which already affected the collection of signatures) and that have prevented them from holding more or less mass rallies, meetings or gatherings. Therefore, they have reached the partners in other ways and with other methods, where technology has played an essential role, such as video conferencing.. The different candidatures have unfolded their full potential on social networks due to the impossibility of reaching all partners in a more personal and direct way.



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