‘Radio Star’ Kim Yeon-ja x Hong Proverbs collaboration → An Seong-jun “Once you receive 100 million won, you will pay off your debt”

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‘Trot Legend’ Kim Yeon and’National Trot Grandson’ Hong Proverbs, who said they wanted to meet him, appeared on’Radio Star’ and set up a special collaboration stage that disarms the excitement of home viewers. Heung-wang Kim Yeon-ja, Lucky, Hong Proverbs, Kim So-yeon, and Ahn Seong-joon of all ages and generations presented a variety of attractions and fun as a New Year’s special feature by unfolding a stage full of excitement and performance.

MBC’Radio Star’ (planning Ahn Soo-young / director Kang Seong-ah), broadcast on the 10th, was decorated with a special feature of’I don’t know party’, and Kim Yeon-ja, Lucky, Hong Proverbs, Kim So-yeon, and Ahn Sung-jun appeared. As a special MC, Super Junior Shindong, the first member of’Radio Star’, was with him.

From’Trot Legend’ Kim Yeon-ja, who doesn’t need a modifier, to An Seong-jun, who is now starting to see the light after a long ignorance through’The People of Trot’, the’A Don’t Know Party’ gathered by 5 heung kings is not only excitement, but also five talents, splendid talk, and pong. It was filled with fun and highlights, such as a special comprehensive gift set that will set up the performance of Phil Full Man’s personal skill and the Myeongbul Heojeon stage. Shin-dong, who is’the best in the sense of entertainment‘, boasted of his ability to progress with wit and skillfulness, and had a lot of fun.

Kim Yeon-ja revealed a story that fits perfectly with the lyrics of her hit song’Amor Party’, “Dating is essential, marriage is optional.” He said, “It’s been 11 years since I’ve been in love with my boyfriend, who is the representative of the current agency. I went there once, and I was cautious about getting married. My boyfriend helped me at the time of divorce. I think I should get married this year.”

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Kim Yeon-ja revealed anecdotes from her debut when she challenged the audition program in the 1970s and was called’Queen of Enka’ in Japan. In particular, Kim Yeon-ja was so busy that he traveled up to 1000 km a day, so he used a light aircraft, and said, “In the 1990s, I received 100 million won for a dinner show in Japan.”

Proverbs Hong, who wanted to meet Kim Yeon-ja, set up a duet stage with Kim Yeon-ja of’Trot Grand Senior’ and’Amor Party’. The two showed off their chemistry that transcends generations and disarmed the excitement of the viewers in the home room. In addition, they sang admiration as’as well’. In addition, Kim Yeon-ja’s’Bling Bling’ stage was continued to complete the ear-housing time.

Proverbs Hong started with the performance of’Kang’, the three-colored Mochang that perfectly caught the gestures of Joo Hyun-mi, Song Dae-gwan, and Kim Yeon-ja, and the anger acting of the acting role model Jeon Gwang-ryul, and’Proverbs Holic’ with a heart bombing skill that encompasses cuteness and charisma. Also, referring to the two judges Park Myung-soo and Kim Jun-soo, who did not press their hearts at the time of’Mr. Trot’, they emphasized “I will never resent” and made a laugh.

Lucky boasted of his storm talk by revealing his support for living in Korea for 25 years. Lucky said, “I am not Sam Hamington, the first foreign comedian in Korea.” . In addition, when he was appearing as an actor in the’Night Age’, he accidentally met the street star Kim Kook-jin, who bought him rice, and released a lot of Korean episodes.

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Won the runner-up in the “nation’s trot ” Trot based IU” Yeon said radiating presence of lighthearted fairy cheongahhan voice and “crush” stage of the trot is a unique combination guseongjin appeal. Yeon said, “before trot activities usually sing ballad, I call gently heard that ‘ppongpil'” said the emotional digestion trot ‘I’ll see you on Friday, IU immediately.

Ahn Seong-joon, the winner of’The People of Trot’, revealed the secret story of his dream of his friend, Young Tak, before the championship. In addition, about the winning prize of 100 million won, he confessed and drew attention, saying, “I was in debt after challenging the agency business. If I received the prize, I will use it to pay off the debt.” Ahn Seong-joon showed off the appealing charm of an audition winner by presenting an excitement stage that digested Psy’s’celebrity’ with her own poong-filled charm.

Next week, a special feature of’A Wonderful Visit’ starring Kim Bum-soo, Kang Daniel, Yang Chi-seung, and Park Young-jin is already exciting the viewers.

On the other hand,’Radio Star’ is a unique talk show that brings out the real story by disarming guests with the talk of a village killer who doesn’t know where MCs will bounce.

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