Radio 2 remains the largest channel in Flanders, Q-Music is firmly in second place | Music

MusicRadio 2 remains the most popular radio station in Flanders. This is apparent from new CIM listening figures for the period March-June 2021. The commercial channel Q-Music is firmly in second place.

Radio 2, a channel of the public broadcaster VRT, has a market share of 29 percent. DPG Media takes second and third place with Q-Music (13.68 percent) and Joe (9.21 percent).

Willy’s growth is noticeable among the small stations. The rock channel that DPG Media started in October 2019 has a market share of 1.19 percent. That is the largest market share for a radio station without FM frequencies. Hit channel NRJ of SBS/Telenet and Mediahuis is having a more difficult time and only achieves 0.34 percent market share. That station, which has been in existence since the end of 2018 and mainly focuses on young people, does have FM frequencies.

A process is currently underway to reassign the nationwide frequencies of Q-Music, Joe and Nostalgia from January 1, 2023. Those three stations are hoping their recognition will be extended, but there are hijackers on the coast. Studio 100 has already confirmed that it wants to compete for one of the three frequency packages.

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