Radev won because Gerdjikov was 5 years late and now innocently fought for GERB

The most important player, however, was Boyko Rashkov, to whom the liberal right hand forgives everything – from blocking the border with Turkey until entering universities 24 hours before the vote

Bulgaria chooses between the university and the barracks, wrote Ivan Stambolov these days, honoring the day of reflection. Well, the choice fell on the barracks, if we divide the preferences of the Bulgarians.

However, there are two important clarifications – it is very strong to say at all that this is the choice of the Bulgarians. From now on, when we talk about the second term of President Rumen Radev, it will be healthy to specify with the votes of how many Bulgarians the key to “Dondukov” has been received again 2.

And the second important clarification is: not that the choice fell so much on the barracks, but that once again in our geographical (and political) latitudes the rule was confirmed that a professor (who was also rector of Sofia University) is not a high position at least in the eyes of the majority, unfortunately. It was seen in the voices, it was reported before that in the reactions of many otherwise read a lot of our compatriots, and therefore, respectively, authorities. So much so that a respected expert, who defended a meaningful doctorate, declared the rector of Alma Mater a “puppet”.

It is a pity, a very pity, this story in which the scientists of Bulgaria beat the heads of other scientists – their colleagues, insult them with the first unedited labels that came to their minds. Is it because the postcoid has erased meaningful arguments somewhere along the way, or rather because he is again relying on hatred and severe opposition. And what is even more strange in the current presidential election was that prominent representatives of the liberal right literally admired the candidate of the left. That they even applauded the indisputable edge in this election – Boyko Rashkov.

If politics in one country changes people’s destinies (or so it is by definition), then a very large part of the citizens of that country on Sunday in the runoff told the candidates for power: No, I do not want my destiny to depend on you and my The way to show it to you is definitely by not going to vote.

The record low turnout in the essentially majority presidential election is not much of a surprise, but it is a resounding slap in the face to the presidential candidates. Even more – on the one who was known to be the winner. And it is a penultimate warning to those who will be sitting at the negotiating table from tomorrow to form a regular government.

By the way, the record number of voters who appeared in the runoff is not a very good assessment for Rashkov. As they would say in a Rhodopean village: “Language for the efforts”. They were not police officers sent to Sofia University to look for documents such as Hemus, they were not jewelry actions against vote buying (including against single grandmothers), they were not to keep tourist buses on the border with Turkey for 5-10 hours.

A big coincidence, of course, was that it happened less than 24 hours before the runoff. Not to list everything, but let’s pay tribute to the “high activity” of the Interior Minister, who gave everything to ensure a good election in Bulgaria twice already. Plus the runoff.

By the way, if anyone is still wondering why Petar Stoyanov did not hesitate to become a candidate for president of GERB, apart from the “divided right”, let us not miss his “past connections” with Boyko Rashkov. Today’s interior minister did not become chief prosecutor “through no fault of the former president and the UDF,” who stood behind the equally extravagant Filchev.

Stoyanov refused to sign the decree appointing Rashkov chief prosecutor (elected by the SJC with 16 out of 23 votes in favor). And if he had accepted GERB’s invitation, the former president would still have worked in an election campaign, whose calmness and honesty are guaranteed by Rashkov. And he certainly wouldn’t have missed out just like Prof. Gerdjikov, who was twice asked for a health certificate in Plovdiv while his opponent was dancing at the other end of the square.

Given that the professor does not have a “common past” with Boyko Rashkov, but this did not save him from entering the police at the university where he is rector. Eh, how nice it would be if the people from the Ministry of Interior had found something suspicious. But even without finding what they were looking for, police officers in the corridors of their university is an event that entered the presidential campaign with a clear political sign.

And in general, the surprise of this presidential election is not Radev’s victory (after all, he actually entered his campaign a year and a half before – from the day he raised his fist in the summer of 2020).

The surprise was the unprecedented activity of an official interior minister, who in the end literally overplayed with these actions – all in the name of our much-needed “principle and justice.” Right?

And the other surprise, without a doubt, is GERB’s shy support for Prof. Gerdjikov throughout the campaign. And vice versa. She was so shy and politely distanced that she sometimes reminded me of the campaign for Tsetska Tsacheva in 2016. At that time, even GERB supporters wondered if the party wanted this institution. Even now, Borissov’s party has repeated the same mistakes.

In one sentence – 5 years ago GERB was ashamed of Tsacheva, and today Gerdjikov was ashamed of GERB.

If 5 years ago he had accepted the invitation of Cornelia Ninova BSP to nominate him as a presidential candidate, probably today the results would be different.

But in 2021 he was nominated as a candidate by GERB too late, there was no time for a meaningful campaign in which to impose him as an equal rival of Radev.

And there is no clear construction in his messages, there were no experienced image-makers who, due to the late announcement, had to and could compensate for the delay in the start.

By the way, Gerdjikov demonstrates strong qualities for a head of state. Gained experience, showed that presidential candidates can have other qualities than those advertised in the last 5 years. Just in November 2021 it was too late for a candidate like Peter Stoyanov and still early for a candidate like Prof. Anastas Gerdjikov.

Congratulations to the winner of the elections Rumen Radev! And hopefully this time for the New Year to greet us with something cheerful and optimistic.



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