Radev: The EU has recognized nuclear energy as green and clean, we can develop it

We also have the green light for projects based on natural gas

It was agreed that 10 countries, including Bulgaria, recognize nuclear energy and natural gas production as “green” energies. Coal still has an important place as base power. This was stated by President Rumen Radev to journalists in Brussels after a meeting of the European Council.

This gives Bulgaria a perspective to continue developing its nuclear energy and natural gas energy projects, said Rumen Radev. The President called for a very clear distinction to be made, on the one hand, between basic capacities – such as nuclear energy, coal and gas – and, on the other hand, renewable sources. According to him, the Green Deal is necessary and we should strive for green energy, but it is 38% of the EU energy mix, 26% still comes from nuclear energy, 16% – from gas and 13% – from coal.

“Until we find sustainable solutions to the main problem of how to store really cheap, environmentally friendly energy from renewable sources, we cannot” scratch “our basic capacities. They give stability and independence in the energy mix,” Rumen Radev said. the current crisis has returned the focus to the topic. “While we are dependent on gas prices on the international market, we need to pay more attention to these basic capacities,” the head of state said. According to him, building strategic autonomy includes energy, including nuclear energy and coal.

The President pointed out that the EU is not committed to specific financial assistance in the situation of rising gas and electricity prices, but has made recommendations and the responsibility remains entirely with the Member States and their financial capabilities. “The only financial dimension as a measure, and it can be a political instrument in the hands of the EC, is what I have proposed very clearly – to eliminate or at least reduce the cost of greenhouse gas emissions, so that in particular for countries like Bulgaria, where coal has a significant share of the mix, there should be real relief, “said Rumen Radev. The proposal of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary to inspect the electricity and gas markets and the market for the emissions trading system was accepted. “If irregularities are found, measures must be taken. We expect this report to be released in November. The goal is to limit the speculation on the stock exchanges, “Rumen Radev said.

On the topic of migration, President Radev has again raised the issue of drawing up a clear operational plan in the event of a sharp increase in migratory pressure on the EU’s external borders. There must be commitments in advance from the EU and each country on how to get involved in such a situation, which includes aspects of security, as well as humanitarian and political dimensions, the Bulgarian president added.



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