“Radev Hands Mandate with Warning of Discreditation and Scandal”

  • Radev gave the mandate with a warning that he was already discredited and it was better for Denkov to resign himself
  • Only the National Assembly decides what government to elect, the academician replied
  • But if they are so worried about the scandal, they should try for the third term, the PP candidate-prime minister called on the others

The ice age that “We continue the change” entered with everyone – after GERB and with the president and with the prosecutor’s office, turned their eyes to the third folder on the day the president handed over the second one.

Rumen Radev handed it into the hands of academician Denkov with apparent reluctance and with an unprecedented recommendation “to completely rethink the expediency of its utilization” because “it is already discredited”. (See below in the text.)

Minutes later there was a message from the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office that

DANS was assigned an investigation “due to possible crimes against the republic”

because of the recording of the PP meeting, released by Radostin Vasilev. It is based on a report by “Vazrazhdane” and VMRO, in which it is claimed that crimes were committed under Articles 103 and 105 of the Criminal Code, the second article being espionage.

Which became the culmination of the avalanche effect of the words spoken by the leaders of “Change” on that Sunday night a week ago. Because of them, on Saturday GERB announced a freeze on the negotiations for the “Denkov-Gabriel” cabinet.

Thus, the academician’s folder, submitted with an icy tone by Rumen Radev, actually referred not to the second, but directly to the third mandate.

If the events of the last few days worry the rest of the parliamentary forces and decide not to participate in the attempt for a cabinet during the mandate of PP-DB, to try with the third mandate, Nikolay Denkov himself called upon leaving the presidency on Monday.


day continued the hope of unfreezing the negotiations with GERB

for the rotary cabinet. Maria Gabriel stopped them after everyone found out how in “Promyanata” they are talking about her and Boyko Borisov, and that they intend to purge officials, whether legally or not. But she and Denkov got in touch on Sunday and hopes returned.

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Until Monday, however, when a high-ranking source from GERB described the situation before “24 Hours” as an “ice age”.

Academician Denkov himself admitted that he and the former European Commissioner did not speak on Monday.

According to our source

the repeated, already deep freeze is because of another blunder by the “Change” with foreign ambassadors

A few of them, who discreetly probed where the political crisis in our country is going after the recording scandal, were reassured by the PP that the thaw has occurred and there will be a Denkov/Gabriel government.

It was even explained to the diplomats that Maria Gabriel would go together with Nikolay Denkov to the president to jointly receive the mandate to form a government.

However, the diplomats decided to check the information through GERB as well. And the “information” that everything was fine and the two candidate prime ministers were going to Radev together blew up Boyko Borisov’s party.

The interview of PP co-chairman Asen Vassilev with Nova TV on Sunday evening contributed additionally. While at the same time on another national broadcast – on bTV, Nikolay Denkov tried to calm the situation, Vassilev insisted that he stood behind every word he said on the record and that a regular cabinet would clean up the administration and special services.

There should be no concessions to unfreeze the negotiations, Vassilev insisted. And so he cut off the requests from GERB (for which the partners of “Change” from DB are also calling) – that the politicians on the list for ministers be replaced by experts.

As expected, on Monday Denkov entered “Dondukov” 2 accompanied only by PP-DB personnel. His nomination for prime minister was presented to the president by the group’s co-chairman Atanas Atanasov.

After expressing his personal respect for Academician Denkov and full understanding of the delicacy of his situation, Radev sharply attacked the “Change”:

As president and commander-in-chief, I am directly involved in national security and called to defend the Bulgarian state. And here I want to state that precisely because of this from my side

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it is not appropriate to hand you a mandate after the expired records

and to entrust the fate of Bulgaria in the hands of your leaders after the leaked records and public confessions. Because of the torpedoing of Bulgarian sovereignty, the slander and the planned purge in the services and state administration, the request for interference in the elections by controlling the Ministry of Internal Affairs and discrediting the leaders of European institutions and the name of Bulgaria.

But I am called to defend the constitution and by virtue of it I am obliged to deliver this exploratory mandate. Its utilization is your constitutional right, but in the name of preserving the remnants of normality and trust in the political system and of preserving your dignity and political perspective and of preserving the image of Bulgaria in front of our European partners, I urge you to completely reconsider the expediency of this mandate , which I think has already been discredited.

Bulgaria needs a stable government and a stable parliament, Denkov replied. He explained to Radev that negotiations would be held with the other parliamentary forces. Remind him that he keeps his word and is used to being difficult.

In front of the head of state, Denkov did not react to his unprecedentedly harsh words, but on leaving the presidency he commented in his turn in an icy tone: I do not think that the constitution suggests that someone else should give advice to the National Assembly whether to elect a government or not.

2 years ago – in 2021, the leadership of the services was changed. This was presented as normal parliamentary procedure

I calmly accept these advices, added the academician on the occasion of Radev’s sharp reaction to possible reshuffles at the top of the services.

There is no treason, these are interpretations that have nothing to do with the truth, Denkov insisted.

And when asked if they are at war with the president, Atanas Atanasov said: We will not shoot each other. Perhaps for this long period of time in which the parliamentary republic has floundered and been ruled by ex officio power,

his power relished. But according to Art. 1 of the constitution Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic

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and we will fight for there to be regular power emanating from Parliament.

Atanasov could not understand why there was talk of national treason, since “according to Bulgarian legislation, before anyone was appointed, especially for the Bulgarian services, he had to be examined for reliability, including with our NATO partners.” If the partners do not trust a person in a senior position in the services, it will not receive reliable information through the channels of allied affairs, this is a normal legal procedure, the general justified the words of Asen Vasilev, that the bosses will be “coordinated with the embassies”. The co-chairman of the PP himself later added that such a process in the services will ensure that they really belong to Bulgaria “and not serve the interests of one or a few people”.

Later, Vassilev posted on Facebook: After today’s presentation of the mandate by the president, I think it became clear what the stake is. Dictatorship or parliamentary republic. The choice (for) is now in the hands of Parliament.

The BSP leader also joined in with a comment regarding the president – that he could not be a moral judge. You created the problems in the country and you cannot be part of their solution, Kornelia Ninova wrote on Facebook.

Attacks Radev and that he “conveniently omits that part of the records that directly concern him” – that the PP and Mr. Radev made a “la-bala scheme for the elections”, that the entire state machine worked for them and that if the people were left alone to vote freely, they will have between 7 and 10%”. He did not fail to remind that Kiril Petkov became a minister “in violation of the constitution with the protection and amnesty of the president”.

Nikolay Denkov should return this mandate empty

We must go for a third term or for new elections, ITN leader Slavi Trifonov also announced on Facebook. And he defined the handing over of the second mandate as “the most humiliating in the recent history of Bulgaria”.

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