Rachet elected as new representative of the German Democratic Party… Attention with’Post Merkel’

North Rhine-Westphalia Prime Minister Armin Rachet (60) was elected as the head of the German ruling Christian Democratic Party. The Democratic Party’s representative is expected to be the most likely to become the’Post Merkel’ following Prime Minister Angela Merkel (67) after the general election in September this year.

According to reports from local media such as Deutscheville on the 16th, in the second election of the party’s representative held at the German Democratic Party Congress on the same day, Lachette won a majority vote with the support of 521 out of 1001 delegates, and Friedrich Merz won 466 votes. He pressed (66) and was elected the party representative. The first round of elections in the first round of elections, the former president of Merz, who is considered an opposition to Prime Minister Merkel, received 385 votes, overtaking Lachett (380 votes) and Federal House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Norbert Rötgen (224 votes), but could not secure a majority vote. Second elections were held between the first and second places, where the rankings were reversed.

Rachet, a former journalist, is a politician who has established a political base in Germany’s most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia since 2005, after serving as a German congressman in 1994. German media regard Rachett as a center-right politician who values ​​a pragmatic and market-economic point of view, but emphasizes compromise rather than an extreme position.

Being counted as an aide to the Prime Minister Merkel, who held office for a long time in 16 years, the prospect that the stance of middle-practice called’Merkelism’ will continue even after the Merkel era is empowering. Rachet has been in line with Prime Minister Merkel’s emphasis on social solidarity. When Prime Minister Merkel decided to host about 900,000 refugees in 2015, amid controversy within the party, he also actively expressed his support for the Prime Minister’s decision. He is considered to be the most influential next prime minister as it is highly likely that the current ruling Citizen-Christian Socialist Party coalition will win in the September general election. In a local media poll, the CDP’s party approval rate was 35¤37%, which is higher than that of the Social Democrats, Greens, and Leftists. It is common for the Democratic Party’s representative with high approval ratings from both parties that form the coalition to become prime minister. However, as Rachet became the party leader by Park Bing, and in a recent poll, Marcus Sinder, the leader of the Knights Party, is leading the approval rating, so it is also discussed the possibility that Sinde will be the candidate for prime minister directly. Paris = Kim Yoon-jong Correspondent [email protected]Go to reporter page>

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