Rachel Hazes irritated in front of the camera Show news: ‘Respect us!’

Rachel Hazes reacts heavily irritated and passive-aggressive when she is asked by Shownieuws about her son André Hazes Jr. “I hope everyone respects that we want to have peace.”


There is still enormous radio silence around André Hazes Jr. The singer has ended his relationship with Sarah van Soelen and now seems to be applying again for a house key from the family that he has abandoned. In fact: Monique is shining the gates again to have opened.

‘Very well, thank you’

Yet hardly anyone knows how André is really doing. Fortunately, his mother Rachel Hazes appeared somewhere in front of the camera today, namely at the first rehearsals of the musical He Believes in Me.

When asked by the Shownieuws program how André is doing, Rachel answers very measured: “Very good, thank you.”

When asked if he does indeed live with her, Rachel says, “That’s right. It is going very well and as I have shared in the media before: we would really like it if people respect that we want peace.”

‘Every day better’

The Shownieuws reporter: “No, we respect that of course, but we are all very curious and very committed and want to know whether he is doing well.”

Rachel curtly: “Every day a little better.”

The reporter: “How long do you think he will?”

Rachel passive-aggressive: “I hope everyone respects that we want to have peace.”


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