r Third party is not sufficiently informed about insurance during the course of study or training

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Almost a third of people in Germany (29 percent) did not know at the time of their studies or training which insurance would be important for them – and only dealt with it after they had graduated [1]. This is shown by a population-representative study by the digital insurance manager CLARK in cooperation with the survey institute YouGov. A new phase of life is beginning for freshly graduated students and trainees, which also changes their insurance situation – some insurance policies are particularly relevant for young people.

No protection for the household effects

Only every tenth 18 to 24-year-old is aware of the insurance that students or trainees need. Insurance is the last thing to think about, especially when it comes to owning your first apartment or a room in a shared flat: According to the study, only 13 percent of those surveyed between the ages of 18 and 24 paid attention to whether they could also afford household contents insurance when considering the amount of rental and ancillary costs . Especially when moving into a flat share, very few people seem to think of such a policy: Only two percent of the CLARK study participants checked whether household contents insurance was included in the rental contract of their flat share.

Insurance gaps due to ignorance

Almost every third 18 to 24-year-old (29 percent) was only informed about their own health insurance during their studies or training, but not about other insurance companies. The reason for the incomplete insurance protection does not necessarily seem to be a lack of interest in such protection, but rather the lack of information about the necessary policies. Only 16 percent of those surveyed were informed by a person they trust, such as parents or teachers – and only ten percent sought advice from an insurance broker during their studies/training period. “It’s a pity that the subject of insurance is so seldom discussed with young people. Marco Adelt, COO and Co-Founder of CLARK.

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Earlier information about insurance desired

In order to get an overview of insurance earlier, 40 percent of those surveyed would consider it useful if adolescents were already informed about such topics at school. 34 percent of the CLARK study participants also find the vocational school suitable for this. 20 percent could imagine that an introduction to the subject at the beginning of their studies would be helpful. More than every third 18- to 24-year-old (37 percent) supports the idea that, for example, the employment agency offers educational seminars at schools and/or universities.

Insurance tips for students and trainees

Whether you are a freshman or just before your bachelor thesis, in anticipation before the start of your apprenticeship or already in your third year of training – CLARK has compiled the four most important insurance policies that you need as a young adult. “With some insurance companies, a degree is particularly worthwhile for young people. Because often the age at entry and the student or training status can result in advantages and privileges in collective bargaining,” reveals Adelt.

1. Disability insurance (https://www.clark.de/berufunfaehigkeitsversicherung/): This policy is worthwhile for many young people during their training or studies. Because of their young age and their good health, they can often conclude very favorable tariffs. There is also a special rule for students and trainees: While you can normally only insure 80 percent of your net income, you can expect up to 1,500 euros in the event of damage even without a high income.
2. Private pension insurance (https://www.clark.de/private-rentenversicherung/): Since the level of pensions will become increasingly uncertain in the future, it is advisable to make private provisions. Young people in particular can secure themselves well with a small contribution.
3. Liability insurance (https://www.clark.de/haftversicherung/): This policy should also have high priority, because personal injury or property damage happen quickly – and often have very high financial consequences.
4. Household contents insurance (https://www.clark.de/hausratversicherung/): It is also advisable to take out household contents insurance. Because if you are living alone for the first time, you should protect your own property from water damage or burglary, for example.

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[1] The data used is based on an online survey by YouGov Deutschland GmbH, in which 1002 people took part between 14.03. and 03/16/2022 participated. The results were weighted and are representative of the German population aged 18 and over.

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