R. Kelly’s Fiance Claims She’s Pregnant: “He’s Sad Because He Can’t Be With Us” | Celebrities

Savage describes in her new book “Love and Joy of Robert” that she discovered her pregnancy after R. Kelly sent her an engagement ring. “Months later I started having morning sickness, I didn’t know what was wrong with my body. At first I thought I was contracting COVID-19, but then it turned out I was pregnant,” the passage reads. “It was a happy day, but my life is not complete. I am thankful to God for the most precious gift. R. Kelly is very excited, but he feels sad because he can’t be with us.”

According to Joycelyn, R. Kelly and his team read the book and gave their approval. But R. Kelly’s attorney completely debunks the news. “Joycelyn’s book is not a memoir, people are just crazy,” he told TMZ. They also wonder how Joycelyn could get pregnant, because R. Kelly has been in prison for a year.

Currently, Savage would reside in one of R. Kelly’s apartments, where she is already working on her next book. In it, she says she wants to reveal many secrets about her beloved.

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