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American R&B artist Robert Sylvester Kelly, known as R. Kelly, was in September found guilty in the trial against him.

A federal court in New York has ruled that he has abused children, young boys and girls for decades.

The artist was found guilty of all charges in the case, which included abuse, human trafficking and extortion.

Since the 1990s, the prosecution believes that the artist has used his position to gain access to young people he could take advantage of.

He must also have ordered employees to provide him with minors. Drivers, bodyguards and assistants must have been controlled by a criminal network.

BA in at least 25 years

The prosecution has asked for at least 25 years in prison for the offense, while the 55-year-old’s defender, Jennifer Bonjeansier, thought Kelly should receive a sentence of 10 years or less.

She bases this on the fact that he himself was abused as a child, and that this may have led to his “hypersexuality”, according to Reuters.

Kelly eventually turned 30 years old.

The prosecution believes that the artist R. Kelly poses a danger to the public

Photo: Antonio Perez / AP

The prosecution, in my opinion, R. Kelly poses a danger to the public. Among other things, reference is made to his lack of remorse for having used his reputation to attract victims.

Arrested in 2019

R. Kelly (55) was arrested in July 2019.

It was shortly after the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly”, where several women appeared in 2019, that Kelly was charged.

The trial started in New York in August last year. For six weeks, evidence was presented to the jury, which also received the right from 45 witnesses.

On September 24, the jury will begin the discussions after the extensive trial. Three days later, the verdict came.

The trial has had several delays due to the pandemic and changes related to Kelly’s defense team. He has been in custody since he was indicted in 2019.

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