Quiz: how much do you know about the Mexican Pacific League?


Quiz: ¿qué tanto sabes de la Liga Mexicana del Pacífico?


2021-01-12 5:32

We are going to test your knowledge about the Winter League. We hope you are prepared! ⚾

And is that a true fan will at least hit 7 of the 10 questions that we will ask you in the next QUIZ.

If you do not give many correct answers, do not be discouraged, that does not mean that you are not a good fan. It just means that you require a little more experience. Also, if you err, at least you will know some curious facts that you can release to surprise everyone during the season. ????

We start: ????????

1.- What was the Mexican Pacific League called in its beginnings?


The LMP was previously known as the Pacific Coast League, inaugurated in 1945.

Image taken from: Cuarto Bat

2.- What were the 4 cities that started the Winter League in 1945?


The 4 cities that started the LMP in 1945 were Hermosillo, Guaymas, Culiacán and Mazatlán.

Image taken from: Cuarto Bat

3.- It is the only team that has played every season since 1945:


Los Venados de Mazatlán is the only team that has managed to play each of the seasons, What a history and tradition they have!

Image taken from: Millennium

4.- Before the arrival of Sultanes de Monterrey and Acereros de Monclova in 2019, the LMP had already been contested by 10 teams, in what year was that? ????


Los Venados de Mazatlán is the only team that has managed to play each of the seasons, What a history and tradition they have!

Image taken from: The Impartial

5.- An easy one: we already know that the champion goes to the Caribbean Series, but which Mexican team was the last to conquer that series?


The last to do so were the Mazatlán Deer in 2016, who will be next? ????

Image taken from: Al Bat

6.- Another simple question: it is the team with the most titles in the LMP.


So far, the Naranjeros de Hermosillo have won the LMP on 16 occasions, followed by the Tomateros de Culiacán with 12 and Venados de Mazatlán with 9.

Image taken from: Pio Sports

7.- A difficult one: these teams met in the first All-Star Game of the LMP


The first all-star game was played in the 1946-1946 season and was between Sonora and Sinaloa. In that game Sinaloa won 11-6.

Image taken from: Hermosillo history

8.- There was a day in which all the games were defined in extra innings, what season was it?


In the 2018-2019 season there was a day where the total of games of the day was defined in extra innings: Mazatlán beat Jalisco 9-6 in 12 innings, Obregón 9-6 over Mexicali in 10 innings, Los Mochis 9-6 in Navojoa in 10 innings and Culiacán to Hermosillo 3-1 in 11 innings.

Image taken from: Sporting moment

9.- He launched the first perfect game of the LMP. ????


Vicente Romo, playing for Ciudad Obregón, launches the first Perfect Game in the history of the LMP in Guaymas. In that game, Yaquis beat the Ostioneros 12-0.

Image taken from: The Mexican Baseball Hall of Fame

10.- Which team is the second in the history of baseball from the Pacific to win three championships in a row?


Yaquis de Ciudad Obregón achieved the last three-time championship in the history of the league (2011, 2012, 2013). The first to do so were the Venados de Mazatlán in the 1954-1955 season. It took 56 years for the feat to be repeated.

Image taken from: The informafor

You may not be ready for the major leagues yet, but don’t worry, it’s just a matter of being close to New Era as we are constantly releasing new MLB caps. Maybe you want to try yourself with the Mexican Baseball League; take the LMB caps test at this link.

How many did you hit? ???? Hopefully there have been several and if not, the solution is: see, live and why not? Read more baseball.

Start by preparing for the postseason this year and the seasons to come, list the snacks and take them out of your collection baseball hats of your favorite LMP team.

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