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SHAME: 21-year-old student thinks it’s shameful to ask Finn for help to have a nice Christmas.

Many people are now posting Finnish ads and asking for a small contribution in a tight economic time. – I can’t afford plane tickets home for Christmas, says a student.


There is an influx of Finnish ads throughout the day, where people struggling financially are asking for a little extra help in the run up to Christmas.

Many people find it shameful and want to remain anonymous to spare, for example, the children. Many people write that they dread Christmas and do not know how to make ends meet.

– I grew up in a household where I’m used to having little money, so I always stressed about ending up in that situation myself as an adult and not being able to afford to get by. That’s how she’s become now, says the 21-year-old student, who doesn’t want to be named.

He posted an ad on Finn.no, asking if any kind people out there have the opportunity to help out with some food or Christmas decorations.

– It’s disgusting to ask for help and quite embarrassing. It’s not something I wanted to talk about, but I don’t want to dread Christmas.

I can’t afford the plane tickets to go home

High prices for food, electricity and rapid jumps in interest rates mean there is not enough money for more and more people.

is This is what Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre is most concerned about right now.

After the rent, electricity bill and other fixed expenses are paid, the 21-year-old woman is left with a minimum of the grant and salary from her on-call job, she says.

– When I moved to Oslo I was really afraid of high electricity prices. Now I notice it a lot even in food prices, and I have to give up many things.

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: The 21-year-old student wants to decorate the dormitory with some Christmas decorations. Then he needs help.

So far, she’s gotten some Christmas decorations for the dorm where she lives and helped with the food.

– I am very overwhelmed that so many people want to help others. I will be very happy and grateful. Then there was also a series of frivolous questions from nasty men asking completely different things.

In a Sifo consumer institute report he says that those with the poorest means must reduce their consumption to a much greater extent than others, also with regard to food.

Even Christmas Eve for the 21-year-old will be a little different this year, she says.

– I can’t afford plane tickets to get home for Christmas. It’s very sad. But I can celebrate with my friend and her family, so it’s very nice.

Data from Finn.no’s communications department shows that there is a slight increase in the number of people announcing that they need help for Christmas, compared to last year.

At the same time, there are far fewer people advertising the offer of Christmas help.

– Despair

Another who sent Finn a distress call is a single mother of teenage twins.

– There is some desperation. You are not sure what to do, I see that finances are not enough. I saw that someone else had posted an ad about Finn and thought he might be able to help. It is very difficult and shameful, but what to do?

He also doesn’t want his name printed, for the sake of the children. She is on an invalidity pension and the family lives in municipal housing in Eastern Norway.

– I think it’s so shameful if kids find out they’re getting Christmas presents from Finn. Then there might be some comments, and I don’t want them to get that, he says.

Never before has there been such a rapid and marked deterioration in the financial security of families. About 150,000 families have gone from “exposed” to “distressed”, according to the Sifo report. This means that you do not have a buffer account and are unable to pay all your bills.

– I hear it very well, especially on food prices. Now many more people are also buying on sale, so there are fewer items left. It’s very difficult, because you want to do what’s best for your kids, but then you prioritize the cheapest over the healthy. Then there will occasionally be slices of bread for dinner for me, so they will have a proper dinner.

– I just want us to have a nice Christmas together

December is approaching and the single mother says she is worried about Christmas.

– You wish there was good food and presents – that it smells a little like ribs, and that the children carry those memories and traditions with them. I just want us to have a nice Christmas together, so the most important thing to me is what we create together.

So far they have been sent a cinema gift card, which the boys wanted.

– It was really good and I’m incredibly grateful to you. It’s not every day that you get to go to the cinema. Otherwise there are a lot of people who save the ad and don’t send a message, but maybe eventually they will.

The mother keeps an eye out for food offers in the shops during the day.

– Child benefits have been stagnant for some years now and it won’t get cheaper over the years to have teenage children. When prices go up so much, and everything goes up at the same time… It seems difficult, like you won’t get there.

Finn.no it is owned by Schibsted, which also owns VG


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