Quinté + Track Test on Saturday December 18 at Vincennes: Helena Di Quattro has serious references

To analyze this event, we have taken into account the performances over 2,100 meters since the start of the year. A competitor stands out a bit when reading the tables.

Analysis of the last 1000 meters

Helena Di Quattro tops our first table with the last 100 meters in 1’10’’2 May 14. That day, the protege of Fabrice Souloy finished 3rd of Copsi and Equinoxe but by making more ground on these last ones to finish. If this 7-year-old female is preserved during the course, she can give heat to the competition.

The last 1000 meters of Marcello Wibb are also good on January 1st. Even though this performance, where he was only beaten by Free Man, goes back in time, the protégé of Vincent martens showed its recent form.

Free Man who won on January 1 in front of Marcello Wibb has good lap times with the last 1000 meters on the foot of 1’10’’7 especially since he had done them in mind.

Whole Lotta Love and Eire of Helios then come, with to their credit, the last 1000 meters, achieved around the 1’11’’0.

Analysis of the last 500 meters

Helena Di Quattro and Whole Lotta Love come at the top of this second table. When it releases on January 7, Whole Lotta Love concluded his journey in 4th place by finishing on the foot of 1’08’’0. Moreover that day, the protege of Philippe Daugeard did not have all his ease and could have finished even faster. But since this performance, water has flowed under the bridges. His latest performances don’t really inspire confidence. Where is he at?

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Sobel Conway has a profile similar to his box mate Whole Lotta Love. Judged on his performance last winter when he finished his career in 1’08’’4 on January 7, he has a good chance. But its current form remains to be proven.

Corioca, which reappears in competition following a break of almost 3 months, and Fox Trot Sea, which comes to disappoint on several occasions, come next.

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