News Quinn Cook sees Orlando bubble as accelerated learning exercise

Quinn Cook sees Orlando bubble as accelerated learning exercise


With Madden, NBA 2K and Call of Duty freshly installed on his PS4, Quinn Cook was about to embark for Florida, ready for a long and exciting 2.0 confinement. Le Laker expressed his enthusiasm for the idea of ​​finding himself in such an adventure, within a group which he describes as “Very tight-knit”.

It will also be an opportunity for him to experience accelerated learning alongside great players, every day.

“Everything we have experienced has brought us closer, » did he declare. « So I look forward to spending a few full months with my guys and learning. In this team, I learn so many things every day, not just basketball but life. I watch how my veterans move on the field, how they manage their money, how they take care of their bodies. I ask so many questions and have direct access to them every day. Usually during the season, you go to the gym or training and you are with the guys for two or three hours, and then you go home. There, you go to the gymnasium with the team, you eat with the team, at the hotel with the team, it reminds me of the AAU, or the team camps. ”

Leaders who value team spirit

Quinn Cook also mentioned the two latest arrivals, JR Smith and Dion Waiters, two backs he will also have to help integrate. “I can’t wait to do it. They played at the highest level and played well… they bring something that we didn’t have as well ”, he added.

Even if the competition will be tough, it may also be this team spirit that can make the difference, among the details that rock a match. The depth of the workforce and its quality also force everyone to stay focused, ready to contribute at any time.

“Everyone has helped this year in one way or another, and we will definitely need that in Orlando. We can really go from the first to the fifteenth player, that’s what makes this team so special. Everyone wants to win. We have superstars, guys who won and who understand this team concept. We have a team where a guy can make 1/8, but if the team wins, everyone is happy ”.

Quinn CookPercentageRebounds
2016-17 *All Teams141350.042.340.
2016-17 *NOP91253.750.
2016-17 *FROM51544.


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