Questioned intelligence, Trump was angry and called Biden not smart


The first debate between the US presidential candidates was heated. Arguments between the incumbent presidential candidates of the United States (US), Donald Trump and challenger, Joe Biden, it’s getting fierce. When discussing the topic of the Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, Trump called Biden ‘not smart’.

As reported by AFP and CNN, Wednesday (30/09/2020), Biden initially asked the American public whether they trusted Trump about the handling of Corona. Biden touched on Trump’s disdain for Corona in an interview with senior journalist, Bob Woodward, in February.

“Do you believe what he said to you, remembering all the lies, he told you about all the problems related to COVID,” Biden said while looking directly at the camera.

“He still hasn’t admitted that he knew this was happening, knew how dangerous this virus was in February, and he didn’t even tell you,” he added.

“On the recording, he said it. He panicked or he just cared about the stock market, for one thing, because you guessed it, lots of people died and many more would die unless he got much smarter, a lot faster,” he said.

Trump, who was offended that Biden questioned his intelligence, immediately attacked Biden, who graduated from the University of Delaware. Trump even said that Biden graduated with the lowest or almost lowest grades in his class.

“Don’t ever use the word smart with me. Never use that word. Because no one is smart about you, Joe,” said Trump.

Watch the video ‘Trump Versus Biden Prime Debate Towards the White House’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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