Quentin about the homebirth Channah: ‘That I survived this’

Home birth is a dream for some, a must for others. With Channah it all went so fast that she threw her daughter into the living room. The reality star had everything recorded for YouTube, which clearly showed how upset her friend Quentin was. He tells in scents and colors how it went in his own vlog. For example, he says that a home birth was ‘not on the schedule’. “It is unbelievable. What a birth this was”, says Quentin.

“It all happened so quickly”, he continues. “That I experienced this, that I survived this (…) But she is there! Now we are going to enjoy it and see how these days are going to run. We now suddenly have two children at home, now it is really enjoyable . ” The new parents are lucky, but there is no name for their daughter yet. Quentin announced on Instagram Stories that “a video with the name will be published next week” on Channah’s YouTube channel.

Channah’s fierce delivery vlog caused some commotion. Nikkie Plessen and Miljuschka also thought it was intense to see and react in the video below.

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