Queen Samkova. The snowboarder won the poll for the third time, her partner crowned her

Snowboarder Eva Samková won the King of the White Footprint poll. Thanks to a bronze medal from the World Championships and the overall triumph in the World Cup, she won an award given by the Czech Ski Association, as in 2014 and 2019. She replaced the skier and snowboarder Ester Ledecká on the throne, this time finishing second.

Samkova won the vote with 34 points. Her coach and the coach of the entire snowboardcross team Marek Jelínek was named Coach of the Year. Ledecká, who was fourth in the downhill and super-giant slalom at the World Championships and took medals in the World Cup in speed disciplines, received 15 votes in absolute order. The two-time Olympic winner ruled the alpine skiers.

The 28-year-old snowboarder was very happy with the award. “Especially after such a strange season, from which I actually had no expectations, because it was not clear whether it would take place at all,” Samková said in a press release.

“I am very happy that it all turned out so well in the end. Before the announcement, I thought a little that the season was not bad in the end and that it could be a victory in the main category of the King of the White Trail this year. As part of the Czech Ski Association there are a lot of great athletes, so such a victory will always be very pleasing, “she added.

Two trophies were won by two-time junior world champion Matěj Švancer, who was named the best acrobatic skier and junior of the year after his last season in Czech colors.

Karolína Indráčková, the first woman in history, reigned supreme in ski jumping. Kateřina Razýmová rejoiced among the runners for the second time in a row, Ondřej Pažout became the association of the year and Martin Barták won in grass skiing.

As last year, the results of the survey were announced through the film. Marek Adamczyk played a new member of the Emerich Rath Hall of Fame. He also played the role of a versatile athlete and a direct participant in tragic events during the race in 1913, in which Bohumil Hanč and Václav Vrbata died, in the upcoming film The Last Race.

The actor, who is Samková’s partner, handed over the crown to the winner. In the middle of filming, her sister Jana, a number of friends and loved ones, also came to congratulate her.

“The surprise was beautiful, I really didn’t know anything. When Marek handed me the crown, it was weird, but very nice. It had a charm, it was well thought out. Besides, so many of my friends meet here, it was just great. I was excited about it, “said Samková.



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