Queen Rania’s Advice to Princess Rajwa: Ignoring Online Criticism and Focusing on Self-Confidence

Queen Rania’s Advice to Princess Rajwa: Ignoring Online Criticism and Focusing on Self-Confidence

Princess Rajwa and Queen Rania

Queen Rania to Princess Rajwa: Try not to read the comments because that will make you doubt yourself

Amman – Muhammad Al-Tarawneh

Posted on: September 21, 2023: 12:20 PM GST Last updated: September 21, 2023: 12:46 PM GST

Queen Rania Al Abdullah said that she had given advice to her daughter-in-law, the Jordanian Crown Prince, Princess Rajwa Al-Saif, regarding the negative criticism she might be exposed to.

The Queen added, during an interview with The Today Show broadcast on NBC New York, about the marriage of Crown Prince Hussein: “One of the first things I did before my son announced his engagement, and the first thing I told Rajwa was “There is no 100% acceptance. You will always find people who do not agree with you.”

The Queen continued, saying: “The advice I gave to Rajwa is: Try not to read the comments, because that will make you doubt yourself… There will always be negativity, and that negativity does not relate to your person but to other people who are dissatisfied, so do not be distracted by that.”

The Queen continued her advice to Rajwa: “Just keep focusing on what you want to do, because otherwise it will shake your confidence. You may think that it will not affect your morale, but it will.”

She stated: “We have to develop healthy habits around the use of technology, and this is what we are trying to teach our children.”

Bride Rajwa and Queen Rania from the henna ceremony

Speaking of mothers

The American broadcaster showed a video clip of Prince Hashem bin Abdullah, the Queen’s youngest son, when he was four months old, while also hosting Her Majesty on the same program previously.

The Queen commented on these clips: “It is scary how quickly time flies, and I believe that our job as parents is to take care of our children until they are old enough to go out into the world, but that does not mean that it is easy for us when that day comes.”

She added: “In three months, from the end of March until the beginning of June, my son and daughter got married, and my son and daughter graduated.”

She continued: “There is a wave of emotions. With Iman, her wedding was a new experience for our family because she is the first to get married, and there was a lot of planning and anticipation, culminating in a wonderful and touching day. Nothing makes you ready for the moment when you see your daughter in the white dress, a mixture of feelings, pride.” With the strong, independent woman she has become, the joy for her joy, and the sadness for her leaving home, the emotions are mixed and nothing can prepare you for that.”

She concluded by saying, “I do not think that you can completely combat the phenomenon of children using cell phones, but we have to regulate it, and I think what is most important is the values ​​that you instill in your children about themselves, self-confidence, and discipline.”

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