Queen Elizabeth’s Secret to Longevity: Her Special Diet and Lifestyle Revealed

Queen Elizabeth’s Secret to Longevity: Her Special Diet and Lifestyle Revealed

Queen Elizabeth lived almost 100 years and until the end her physical shape was perfect. But what was the secret to her longevity?

He’s been missing for a little over a year the Queen Elizabeth and the whole world still remembers her with great affection and esteem. She lived 96 years, carried very well to the end of her days. A fitness truly perfect that of the Queen, who seems to have never talked about diet in her life.

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It was his people who spoke chef, who say that the Sovereign did not like to deprive herself in any way of what she liked to eat at the table, even allowing herself dessert orevery day and not just a portion. And so, what was his secret to longevity?

Queen Elizabeth’s special diet

The She is sovereign lived 96 years, really well. Until the end of her days she showed an envious appearance. Many wonder what it was its secret of longevity, and it was revealed after some time by some chefs who had worked at the for many years service of Queen Elizabeth.

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Il secret was the following, that is, never overdo it. The Sovereign never overeated, but she ate to survive and did not live to eat. Darren McGrady who worked alongside the Sovereign for many years revealed that the Queen did not deprive herself of anything and it was a lot lover of sweets, especially chocolate and cream which absolutely should not be missing, but always in small portions.

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The Queen even indulged in some glass of wine every day at the table. In the morning he started the day with a cup of Earl Gray tea, without sugar with a few biscuits. Sometimes he alternated cereals, yogurt, toast and orange marmalade, or scrambled eggs with salmon or kippers.

For lunch he preferred to eat some pesce, but his gin and Dubonnet cocktail couldn’t be missed. For dinner, she used to have an appetizer with father of Gleneagles, a based on salmon, trout and mackerel, followed by venison, game, steaks and vegetables, all grown on the Royal estates.

However, each portion was really minimal, without many condiments. The Queen never gave up dessert, but he limited himself to eating a few squares of dark chocolate, or a slice of cake with berries or peaches. He never even gave up a glass of champagne, that isThe best of the Buckingham Palace cellars.

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