Queen Elizabeth and her husband have received COVID-19 vaccine, but UK death toll has exceeded 80,000, infected more than 3 million.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Queen’s consort of Edinburgh have successfully received the new coronavirus vaccine. According to the Bureau of Buckingham Palace on Saturday, progress in the vaccination program comes amid the dire epidemic in the UK. Recently, the cumulative deaths have exceeded 80,000 people.

Royal news sources revealed that A palace doctor was a coronavirus vaccine. For two at Windsor Castle

To prevent various forecasts, the 94-year-old Queen decided to make public the presence of her vaccination. Like the Duke of Edinburgh, the consort was 99 years old.

Prince Charles Their son, 72, was tested positive for the novel coronavirus and was quarantined in March. It was later revealed that he was very fortunate with mild symptoms.

Meanwhile, Prince William. The second heir to the British royal family Her granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II is also tested for COVID-19. Also positive at the beginning of the year According to UK media reports But it is not clear when he was infected.

Queen Elizabeth II’s immunization news and consort It comes as the UK reports more than 3 million people with COVID-19 and more than 80,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University figures.

The UK reported 1,325 deaths from COVID-19 daily on Friday (7 Jan), breaking the previous record in April last year.

Public health workers have faced dire situations since the start of 2021 due to the new coronavirus mutant. Which was first found in the UK Is spreading rapidly within the country.

Mayor of london British capital Must declare the severe situation on Friday (7 Jan) with warnings that various hospitals In this city Near the limit “The situation in London is very critical right now. With the spread of the virus is no longer under control “

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“The number of infected in London has increased rapidly. There are now a number of patients admitted to his hospitals. “It was one third more than the peak of the pandemic in April last year,” Mayor Chadik Khan said.

“We declare a violent situation. Because the virus threat poses our city at a critical point, ”Khan said.
“If we don’t act immediately now Our public health agency may suffer from an overload of healthcare workers. And more people will die. “

(Source: CNN)


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