Quarter of a million people sign a firing ban on consumer fireworks

In the first days of the new year, more than 50,000 people signed an online petition for a ban on consumer fireworks. This puts the counter at more than a quarter of a million, reports vuurwerkmanifest.nl.

All kinds of social organizations and private individuals (insurers, political parties, animal protectors, ophthalmologists) have joined the initiative. They do not argue for a total fireworks ban, but believe that fireworks may only be fired by professionals. The manifesto refers, among other things, to the annual “personal and social misery and material damage”.

The online initiative started in 2014 and gradually received the support of tens of thousands of people.

Sales record

In the last New Year, private individuals have purchased fireworks for 77 million euros, a new record. The damage caused by fireworks this time amounted to 15 million euros, reports the Dutch Association of Insurers, which also spoke of an average New Year’s Eve.

Two people died in a fire in a flat in Arnhem, caused by fireworks. Today it is also announced how many people have suffered fireworks injuries. A year ago there were almost four hundred.

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