Quarantine skaters: Trusova jumps on the pavement, Medvedev competes with Ronaldo

Trusova performs roller skating

Perhaps the most discussed figure skater of Russia these days is Alexander Trusova – and all because after the cancellation of the World Cup due to coronavirus, the girl and her family went not to self-isolation, but to Egypt to rest. Some fans condemned the athlete because she did not seriously approach the issue of her own health and the threat of the spread of COVID-19, and now every step of the Russian Rocket is watched especially closely.

So, Trusova recently posted a spectacular video in which she performed an axel and a half turns on rollers and landed on the asphalt. In case of failure, the fall could turn out to be very traumatic, but when did the skater stop it?

However, among the heap of enthusiastic comments there were also critical ones.

“But what about self-isolation? You only returned from Egypt on March 27! You must stay at home! Because of you, the pandemic will never end! ” – wrote a user with the nickname Qwadqueen.

In fairness, Alexandra is indeed officially forbidden to appear on the streets for 14 days. On the website of Rospotrebnadzor it is noted that quarantine after returning from abroad implies that you can not “leave the house throughout the entire period of quarantine, even in order to receive a parcel, buy food or throw garbage.”

However, in an interview with SE, Trusova said that she and her family went to a country house for the time of quarantine, so that she could well do the jump without leaving her territory.

“We are now in a country house, we are lucky, we have a large plot where you can walk with dogs and family. I train mostly at home. I can only jump into the yard, I need to keep myself in shape, “

– explained the athlete.

She also said that she trains jumping on the floor, but in this way she can only perform threefolds, but she cannot do her signature quads (Alexandra owns four – lutz, flip, salchow and sheepskin coat): she needs a lot of pushing force, which is achieved only by a blow ice skate.

Thus, the Russian Rocket is deprived of the opportunity to maintain its main weapon in combat condition.

Moreover, after the end of the season, she was going to learn the last quadruple jump, not yet submissive to her – the Rittberger, but she did not have time to start, and now this task seems even more distant, given that it will be necessary to first catch up on quads that have already been mastered.

However, Trusova is not discouraged and is already making plans for the next season:

“At the last show, I rolled the lyric program – it was offered by my trainers. I have long wanted to try something in this style, so I decided to put it on. It seems to have turned out pretty well …

I definitely liked to ride it. Perhaps next season there will be lyric programs. ”

Finally, Trusova shared her thoughts about the distant future – it turned out that the skater, the first woman in the world to perform the four-piece lutz, flip and sheepskin coat, wants to leave the sport at 22 and start a large family.

“I would like to perform until the age of 22. And then three children – two girls and a boy, as I want. Are there any applicants? No: while I am in sports, I cannot have them, it will distract. And I don’t go on dates, “

– summed up Alexandra.

Medvedev accepted the challenge from Ronaldo

Another skater, which caused concern among fans with their movements around the world, was Evgenia Medvedeva.

It all started with the fact that from Canada, where the girl constantly lives and trains, she went to the USA to stage the program for the next season with the famous choreographer She-Lynn Bourne.

After returning to Toronto, she had to wait a two-week quarantine, as in America there are now more than 340 thousand officially registered cases of COVID-19, and she had to make sure that the athlete was healthy.

But, as soon as two weeks passed, the skater again decided to change the location, this time going to Japan, where in June she is scheduled to perform on the show in the image of Sailor Moon. Khabib Nurmagomedov, who said he couldn’t leave Russia even on a private plane for the battle with Tony Ferguson, would have envied this.

“In Canada, ice rinks, gyms are closed, nothing works. Given the closure of the borders between Canada and Japan for an indefinite period, my team and I decided to leave Canada and fly to Japan in advance. I am safe, all is well! I love everyone, don’t be sick, and please take care of yourself and your family! ” – wrote the skater.

View this Instagram post

I ended quarantine after returning from the USA to Canada. For more than 2 weeks now I have been spending time at home. In Canada, ice rinks, gyms are closed, nothing works. In June, as you know, we will have a show in Japan “Prism on Ice” (Sailor Moon). Given the closure of the borders between Canada and Japan for an indefinite period, my team and I decided to leave Canada and fly to Japan in advance. I am safe, all is well! I love everyone, don’t be sick and please take care of yourself and your family! 2 6 Prism On Ice I ended quarantine after returning from the US to Canada. I have been spending time at home for more than last two weeks. The ice rinks and gyms are closed in Canada, nothing works. As you know, we will have “Prism on ice” (sailor moon show) this June in Japan. In accordance with border closures between Canada and Japan for an indefinite period, my team and I decided to leave Canada and fly to Japan in advance. I am safe and everything is good! I love all of you, be safe and please take care of yourself and your nearest and dearest!

Publication by Evgenia Medvedev (@jmedvedevaj)Apr 1, 2020 @ 8:03 am PDT

However, this obviously did not solve the audience’s questions. Apparently, many people overwhelmed Eugenia’s personal messages and comments on her social networks with claims about traveling, so the two-time world champion decided to dot all i in another appeal.

“Dear friends, I know that you are worried, but please read this.

1. I observed my quarantine in Toronto.
2. Now I have the first quarantine week in Tokyo.
3. I made the best decision in this situation in order to maintain the health of my mother, me and all those around me. When this quarantine is over, you will be convinced that I am healthy.

Please keep calm, stay safe. And be at home if you have the opportunity. I just didn’t have it, ”said Medvedev.

In the meantime, the girl has a regime of self-isolation in Japan, she decided to accept the challenge from Cristiano Ronaldo. The famous Juventus striker suggested trying to do the press exercise more than once in 45 seconds than he did – 142. Medvedeva lost to the athletic Portuguese – she only managed 44 times, but this was unlikely to upset her.


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