Quarantine rules have been changed in Ukraine

New quarantine rules

Vaccinated Ukrainians will receive privileges during the introduction of quarantine restrictions. This applies to those who find themselves in the “yellow” and “red” zones of the epidemic situation.

In Ukraine, with the introduction of quarantine, privileges will be provided to those who have been vaccinated against coronavirus. How informs the press service of the Ministry of Health, such a decision on Monday, September 13, was made by the government.

So, according to the new rules, the COVID certificate will have two options, and also contain information about vaccination, negative test or recovery from coronavirus.

In this case, the “yellow” certificate will have information about the first vaccination, and the “green” one – about the full course of vaccination. Certificates will be color-coded exclusively in digital format, and the paper version of the document will not be in color.

The government has simplified the requirements for the work of educational institutions in the event of the introduction of the “yellow” zone. They will continue to work if they have at least 80% of workers with “yellow” or “green” COVID certificates.

At the same time, restrictions will not apply in the “yellow” zone if all participants and at least 80% of event organizers, employees of cinemas, theaters, museums or other cultural institutions have a “yellow” or “green” COVID certificate.

Also, the Cabinet of Ministers allowed the owners of establishments to independently decide whether to provide services only to those who have completed a full course of immunization.

If the “red” zone is introduced in the region, educational institutions will work only if 100% of the teaching staff have a “green” vaccination certificate.

At the same time, the current restrictions of the “red” level will not apply, provided that all participants, employees and organizers of events and employees of cinemas and theaters have a “green” COVID certificate.

In addition, if you have a “yellow” or “green” certificate of vaccination or recovery from COVID, you will not need to self-isolate when crossing the border.

The innovation also applies to citizens arriving from the temporarily occupied territories.

Amendments to Resolution No. 1236 will enter into force seven days after the publication of the document.

Ministry of Health wants to ease quarantine for vaccinated

Meanwhile, Lithuania introduced restrictions for people without a COVID passport… In particular, citizens in particular will not be able to visit shopping centers and cafes, as well as use a number of services.

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