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An unusual event occurred in the state of Virginia, in United States, where the mandatory quarantine to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus it is decreed until June 10. There, two burglars caused quite a stir after using watermelons to make masks and be able to make a Stole in a shop.

On May 5 at 9:35 p.m., two criminals stopped in a black Toyota Tacoma 2006 model truck and entered a store called the ‘Sheetz Store’, located in the municipality of Louisa, Virginia, as recorded by the Louisa Police Department.

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The store’s security cameras captured that the two subjects wore carved watermelons with holes for their eyes. The young people wanted to take advantage of the carelessness of the authorities in the midst of the quarantine.

One of the two suspects was arrested last Friday, as confirmed by Police Chief Tom Leary to the American media ‘CNN’.

Is about Justin Rogers, a young man of 20 who was accused of 3 charges: theft alcohol, possession of alcohol in minors and for wearing masks to cover their faces during a crime. Police are still searching for the second suspect.

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One of the criminals was captured. This is a 20-year-old man who was charged with charges including theft and illegal possession of alcohol.

“This is definitely not something you see very often in Louisa,” Leary told ‘CNN‘. “We are a really nice and quiet city, with a lot of working people and something like this is quite unusual.”

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The images of the robbery have been disclosed on social networks and the event went viral. The criminals were baptized with the nickname ‘Los Frutales’ and many people have criticized their performance.

One of the store’s clients, Candice Wendt, told ‘WRIC’That the disguise of these criminals seemed“ ridiculous ”to him. “I think the amount of work you have to do to scoop up a watermelon so it sticks to your head is crazy,” she said indignantly. “Why? Why would they do that? It’s so stupid,” he added.

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