Quarantine in France – authorities shorten the validity of PCR tests and COVID passports

According to him, from November 29 a negative PCR test will only last 24 hours, and not 72 hours as before. At the same time, the tests will remain paid for the population.

“The life of the unvaccinated will become a little more difficult. From Monday, the period of validity of negative tests, which are mandatory for obtaining a medical pass and access to public places, will be up to 24 hours, compared to 72 hours so far,” the head of the Ministry of Health said.

At the same time, he stressed that from January 15, the vaccination certificate will no longer be valid without an additional dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

“From 15 January, the sanitary pass for French people between the ages of 18 and 65 will no longer be valid. These people will have two months for the third dose of the vaccine. You will have five to seven months after the second vaccination to be revaccinated,” Veran said.

The minister added that COVID passports for people over 65 will be valid until December 15.



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