Quarantine binge. The underground restaurants of Paris

Restaurant scandal in Paris

In Paris, police are investigating luxurious underground parties held at a private club in violation of all French quarantine rules.

Not a single Velor. In France, as in Ukraine, during the period of severe quarantine, elite catering establishments operate underground.

One of these was discovered in Paris by journalists from the M6 ​​TV channel. One could enter the restaurant through a disguised entrance in a residential building. When a TV reporter crept in there disguised as a guest, he was told that people entering there should take off their masks: “This is a territory where there is no coronavirus.”

The story led to a big scandal, because it turned out that even the highest government officials could use the services of underground restaurants.

Difficult place

According to journalists, the prices on the menu of the underground establishment started from 160 euros and could reach 490 euros per person.

The channel also showed footage from another Last Supper in a luxurious location. A voice-over says guests were paying € 220 per person, and some were kissing each other on the cheeks, ignoring all distancing rules.

In addition, a woman can be heard off-screen who claims that “this week I had dinner at two or three restaurants – so-called clandestine restaurants – with some ministers.”


French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen has ordered an investigation, saying such charges, which violate the restrictions, are “totally unacceptable.”

French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire also expressed concern about the information published by journalists and insisted that “all ministers, without exception, respect the rules, and none of them thinks that they have any special permission.”

Ukrainian example

In April 2020, the Investigative Journalism Program Nasha Groshi published a material stating that the deputy of parliament from the Servant of the People party and restaurateur Mykola Tishchenko was holding meetings with Ukrainian officials and politicians in his Velur restaurant.

At the same time, quarantine restrictions were in force in Kiev, according to which the work of catering establishments was prohibited.

In July 2020, Velor again violated the restrictions. In the social networks of the restaurant, they published a message that they are waiting for guests until 6 in the morning. Although before that, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a decree according to which the work of restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs after 23:00 is prohibited.


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