Qualcomm Introduces Quick Charge 5, Full Battery Charge in Only 15 Minutes

PEOPLE’S PEOPLEQualcomm has introduced the latest fast charging standard that is Quick Charge 5. This charging supports 100 Watt speed, so it is able to charge battery 4,200 mAh devices up to 50 percent in just 5 minutes.

To fill battery in full, Quick Charge 5 only takes 15 minutes.

Quick Charge 5 is needed to support an output voltage between 3.3 and 20 volts minimum, with a current of 3.3 or 5 Amperes or (for larger units) 5+ Amperes.

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In a few years Qualcomm has introduced a fast charging standard, the last time Quick Charge 4 but also has an enhanced version of Quick Charge 4+.


Quoted Pikiran-rakyat.com from The Verge, Quick Charge 5 became the biggest leap for the company. According to Qualcomm, QC5 has an efficient level of up to 70 percent compared to QC4

Quick Charge 5 actually utilizes the existing USB Power Supply Programmable Power Supply (PD-PPS) and a subset of the USB-C PD specification, this allows even greater control over voltage and current levels during the charging process.

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The advantage is that Quick Charge 5 in theory any USB PD-PPS charger must be able to charge the device at full speed.

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