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Qualcomm Expanding into Personal Computers with Generative AI Technology

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Most personal computers rely on electronic chips produced by Intel, AMD, or Apple, while chip maker Qualcomm, whose chips are mainly used in smartphones, expects its chips to enter the personal computer industry soon.

The company believes that the reason its chips are used in personal computers is generative artificial intelligence, which provides new creative tools for tasks such as writing texts, editing images, and creating illustrations. Thanks to new artificial intelligence platforms such as GBT Chat and Bing, the American technology industry is witnessing great hype around this technology, at a time when Qualcomm is integrating generative artificial intelligence technology into the most powerful chips it produces, starting with the Orion central processing unit. These chips do not run large artificial intelligence models such as GBT Chat, but they can run other models, while Qualcomm hopes that these chips it produces for new computers will give a boost when they perform other artificial intelligence tasks.

In order to turn this ambition into reality, Qualcomm has entered into partnerships with computer manufacturers such as HP, Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, and Microsoft, as it expects to start selling personal computers equipped with its chips as of mid-2024.

Qualcomm’s new processors could be a major force for improving cloud computing. Apple’s M series computer processors demonstrated greater speed and energy savings, which contributes to extending the life of laptop batteries. Qualcomm could also help bring similar features to Windows devices. These processors, like Apple processors, are a member of the technology family of the giant chip company ARM, which is used in a variety of electronics, ranging from smartphones to tablet computers and some giant computers.

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