Quaint ‘sea foam’ peeks out of Australian beaches NCCC parade for fun

The sea foam filled the northeastern coast of Australia. The NACC flocked to play foam together for fun.

Today (15 Dec 20) sea foam Or the sea foam is washed by the waves to cover the popular tourist beach in Gold Coast. Queensland of Australia Amid heavy rains and gusting winds over the country’s northeast coast in recent days.

As residents flock to play in the foam on the beach, it is reported that in New South Wales, a dog Hazel has stung into the foam. After running down to play foam with excitement. Fortunately, the owner found it in no time.

The sea foam covering the coast was this thick. Derived from the cyclonic state Caused by a severe low pressure system off the Queensland coast Which is a rare occurrence

Marine foam is caused by many factors such as the degradation of organic matter such as fish, plants and micro-organisms. Including protein, lignin and fat And decay off the coast of the algae blooms. Especially when the organic matter dissolved in water has a higher concentration. And this can be caused by tiny air bubbles from the waves, which, when hit by the water currents on the coast, congregate to form large pools of foam.

The Australian Meteorological Agency said the fifth consecutive day of rainstorms and gusts of intense low pressure was noted. Off the coast of southern Queensland bordering New South Wales. Should be weakening today or tomorrow But also warned people to beware of some thunderstorms that can cause flash floods

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