Qin Shihuang’s black technology “memory alloy”?Bronze sword bends 45 degrees and still rebounds in seconds

The bronze sword unearthed from the tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang not only has the coating of rare metal, but also has the shape retention ability of memory alloy. (Picture/Retrieved from Baidu Encyclopedia)

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If you talk about Qin Shihuang, I believe many people will think of his large number of terracotta warriors and horses buried with him, creating a wonder in the tomb ceremony. In fact, in Qin Shihuang’s funeral, there was a bronze sword that attracted the attention of many archaeologists, because at that time the bronze sword was bent by the collapsed terracotta warriors. It was unexpected that when the archaeological team lifted the terracotta warriors, the bronze sword would be instantaneous. It bounced back to its original shape, which surprised everyone.

According to the “Tencent News” report, in the spring of 1994, archaeologists in mainland China discovered 19 bronze swords in Pit No. 1 of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses. The craftsmanship of these bronze swords is not only fine, but each bronze sword has eight edges. Face, the error between each edge face is less than 1 hair.

Moreover, archaeologists have sent for analysis and found that these bronze swords are coated with a layer of chromium metal. Although chromium metal is extremely corrosion-resistant, it is a rare metal in itself and the extraction technology is quite difficult. It was only in Germany in modern times until 1937. The first extraction was successful. Why did the Qin Dynasty have a bronze sword coated with chromium metal? It is hard to imagine whether the Qin Dynasty possessed the black technology.

In addition to the chromium coating, archaeologists were even more surprised that when these bronze swords were discovered, one of the terracotta warriors and horses was crushed and bent after the archaeologists lifted the terracotta warriors and horses. It bounced back instantly. Archaeologists once asked metallurgical experts about this, and metallurgical experts answered that this is a phenomenon unique to “shape memory alloy” materials, but this technology was not discovered until the 1950s. Why did the Qin Dynasty bronze sword possess such a phenomenon? Technology is still an unsolved mystery.



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