Qilishin’s Wangquan Resistor orders surged by 2 times, suspension of orders and delivery period extended to 4 months | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

Huaxin Branch (2492-TW) The fire in the Dongguan factory has made the supply and demand of passive components even worse. The market has an expectation of the supply of resistors.2327-TW) Group’s Kellett (2456-TW) Subsidiary Wangquan, the number of orders recently increased by more than 2 times the average, and the delivery time is as long as 4 months. Wangquan also announced to customers today (14) that it will suspend the order of thick film resistors from agents in Greater China When the order is full, the resume order date is to be determined.

A fire broke out in Huaxinke’s Dongguan plant yesterday (13). Huaxinke once again issued a heavy news this morning to emphasize that currently only one of the Dalang plant is affected, and that the plant can produce immediately, plus other plants. Production is operating normally, so the impact on resistance production during the suspension of the plant is minimal.

However, Huaxin Technology’s Dongguan factory’s Zhu Rong accident, the industry rumored that it has impacted the supply of resistors, and the gap has reached about 10%. Downstream manufacturers have anticipation of the supply of resistors, and they worry about not getting the goods. The order-taking momentum is strong, the order-to-bill ratio (B/B ratio) is as high as 4, which is much higher than the previous average, and the delivery period continues to grow. Therefore, the Greater China agent’s thick film resistor orders are suspended.

Wang Chuan’s current inventory level is below 30 days and the utilization rate remains at 60%. The company said that the main reason is that recruitment is not easy to cause. It is expected that the utilization rate will not increase until the lunar new year.

Wang Chuan is currently Kellett (2456-TW)’S 100% subsidiary, but under the Pan-Guo Group’s resource integration strategy, at the end of January and early February, it will become Kaimei (2375-TW) 100% subsidiary, Qilishin will acquire 100% equity of Kaihan subsidiary Bohan.

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