QCells develops concepts for companies

solar power Solar power from your own roof: QCells develops concepts for companies

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Electricity directly from the roof: With these variants, QCells builds photovoltaic systems for medium-sized companies – and takes over the planning and initial costs.

Companies on the topic

With the “Power Contracting” and “Plant Lease” models, QCells offers two solutions for companies that want to produce their own solar power.

(Image: QCells)

The South Korean solar system manufacturer Hanwha QCells has presented two different concepts for companies that want to get inexpensive green electricity from Germany and Austria: “Power Contracting” and “System Lease”. In both cases, the solar system is built directly on the roof of the company.

Two models for your own solar systems

At the „Power Contracting“ a company leases its roof to QCells and concludes an electricity supply contract. QCells then builds a photovoltaic system and sells the solar power it produces to the company.

In the second model, the “Plant lease”, the company produces the electricity for its own consumption and leases it from QCells. The company pays a reduced EEG levy and receives the feed-in tariff. The portion that is not used ends up in the power grid. With both variants, QCells is responsible for the planning and initial investment of the solar system, with the “system lease” the company has to take over the maintenance and operating costs.

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