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Reporter Xiao Baoxiang / Full report

▲The Korean Football Federation thanked the players and coaches on the social networking site. (Image / taken from KFA FB)

Korean media “Jingxiang SPORTS” issued by Qatar the sixth time of TaiwanreportAfter the South Korean team lost to Brazil in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar, Portuguese coach Paulo Bento (Banto) said he confirmed he will not renew his contract and will leave the South Korean team.

Bento said during the post-match press conference, “I am sure I will not renew my contract as a supervisor in Korea. I have informed the players and the president of the Korean Football Federation (Jung Mong-kui) of the decision. The decision was made at September”.

By helping the South Korean team enter the top 16 at the World Cup for the third time in history, Bento has completed his tenure since taking charge in August 2018. Delica).

From World Cup qualifying to the end of the competition, Bento is the third player, ahead of only Cha Fangen and Xu Dingmao.

The report says Bento has been criticized by the public for using only specific players, turning the strength of the national team into a plan B. renew his contract.

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